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Breakfast and After School Club

We currently run both a Breakfast Club and an After School Club.


The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club runs from 8.00 in the morning until the beginning of school. Children are provided with a variety of breakfasts such as cereal, porridge and baked beans.


The After School Club

The After School Club runs from the end of school until 4.30 in the afternoon (in January this will be extended to 5.00pm!) Children enjoy a light snack and a variety of activities.


The following letter has more information about each club:

How to Apply for a Space

If you are interested in your child joining either of our clubs, please complete the Information Form and sign the Parental Contract for the relevant club and email these back to us or post them in our blue postbox (just outside the front office). Once these have been received will then get in touch with you regarding your child's space.